6 Things You Need To Do right After You Get Engaged

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Written by Roline

March 2, 2021

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Congratulations!  I can imagine how excited you are to be engaged and marrying the love of your life!  So, what’s next? Are you thinking about what you should be doing now that you’re engaged?    

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Let’s talk about some important details you need to do right after you get engaged.  

1. Soak it all in

This is the time for you to take a mini-moon with your fiancé and enjoy some time alone to celebrate what is going to be a beautiful journey.  

2. Dare to Dream! Envision your Dream Wedding  

Start dreaming about your wedding.  Take the time to really think about what your wedding will be like on the day.  What are you wearing?  What entertainment do you have? How are you feeling on this day?  This is not a time for you to start planning.  You are simply imagining what you want your day to be like.  

3. Share the Good News  

Tell your close friends and families. Let those who love you celebrate your special moment.  You can host a girl’s brunch or maybe have an intimate engagement party to surprise everyone. Everyone is excited and waiting to see that RING!  

4. Create Your Wedding Budget  

It is important at the very early stage you set your budget.  Although this is subject to change having a rough idea of what you want to spend is a great start.  When you start contacting suppliers this will be one of the first questions you will be asked.  What is your estimated budget?    

When setting your budget, I recommend you list the top three important things for your wedding.  

5. Create Your Guest List  

When creating your guest list, start with your very important people.  These are the ones you cannot imagine your wedding day without.  Create your list together over a nice dinner date or movie, maybe get yourself your favorite wine.  Have fun creating the list and truly invite those you want to be present on your beautiful day.  

6. Set Your Wedding Date  

With all the government restrictions and uncertainty due to Covid-19, you need to be flexible in terms of choosing a wedding date.  Pick three dates that are important to you and work with your venues and suppliers must-have.  If you change the date ensure that all suppliers are available before you confirmed with your venue.  Once you sign a contract there are clauses and policy for postponements and change dates.  So, ensure you understand the clause within your contract and ask all the important questions.  

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