Top 10 Important Questions To Ask During Your Wedding Venue Tour

Written by Roline

April 29, 2023

Top 10 Important Questions To Ask During Your Wedding Venue Tour 

Congratulations, you’re in the process of planning your dream wedding and finding your perfect wedding venue. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process is choosing your wedding venue. Your wedding venue sets the stage for your big day and influences everything from your style and décor to the ambience and guest experience.

As leading UK Wedding Planners in the North West of England, 4R Luxury Events specialises in wedding planning services including venue sourcing. Over the years, we’ve completed many venue tours and have a very thorough checklist of questions. To help you choose the right wedding, here are our most important questions to ask during your wedding venue tour.

A venue tour is a great way to see your potential wedding venue, meet staff, and review the different event spaces and layouts. A venue tour should give you a good indication of the overall vibe and ambience of the different spaces too.

1. What’s the capacity of the venue?

Firstly, ask about the capacity of the venue to ensure there is enough space to comfortably accommodate your guest list. Ask about the maximum capacity and any restrictions on the number of guests allowed in the venue.

2. Is there accommodation on-site?

Review what accommodation is available on-site and how many bedrooms are available. If there is no accommodation available, ask if they have any recommended nearby hotels or B&Bs. If so, do they have any special discount codes available for your immediate wedding party?

3. Is parking available on-site?

Ask about the parking situation and how many parking spaces are available for your wedding guests. Parking can be a logistical concern for your guests. Consider the convenience and accessibility of parking for your guests when choosing a wedding venue.

4. Are there any décor restrictions?

Review the venue’s policy on any décor restrictions such as large floral arrangements, candles and confetti. Some venues only allow LED candles, some allow candles in holders only, whilst other wedding venues have no restrictions on candles.

5. What is the venue’s policy on alcohol and catering?

If you plan to serve alcohol or bring in your caterer, ask about the venue’s policies on alcohol and catering. Check about any corkage fees, restrictions on external catering, and any other hidden costs. Make sure you understand and can comply with the venue’s policies.

6. Is VAT included in the package pricing?

Simply ask if VAT is included in the package pricing and again if are there any hidden or extra costs that might creep up during the wedding planning process.

7. What’s the weather contingency/backup plan for wet weather?

This a very important question if you’re wishing to host an outdoor ceremony. It’s important to have a backup plan in case of wet weather, especially here in the UK. Ask the venue about their backup plan for rain, snow or any other weather-related issues. Ask to look around all event spaces in case the ceremony needs to be hosted indoors last minute.

8. Do you have preferred suppliers and do we have to work with these?

Some venues have preferred supplier lists or restrictions on external suppliers. Ask if the venue has any preferred vendors for catering, decor, floristry, or other services. Check if there are any fees for bringing in your wedding suppliers.

9. Are there any noise or curfew restrictions?

Some venues may have noise or curfew restrictions due to their location. Ask about any noise or curfew restrictions that may impact your wedding, such as music volume, end time, or fireworks. It’s also a good idea to check the end time for the evening party.

10. What’s included in the venue package?

Lastly, one of the most important questions is to ensure you fully understand what is included in the venue packages. Every wedding venue has different packages and offerings. Check what extras are included such as tables, chairs, linen and any sound equipment. It’s really important to understand what is provided by the venue and what you’ll need to hire.

Choosing the right wedding venue is crucial for creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day. By asking these important questions, you can ensure that the venue you choose aligns with your wedding vision. If you’re looking for expert wedding planning advice then please get in touch with Luxury Wedding Planner Roline to book a consultation call to discuss your wedding planning in more detail. We have a range of different wedding planning services available tailored to you.

Good luck in finding your dream wedding venue!


Wedding Planning: 4R Luxury Events, Venue: Hawkstone Hall in ShropshirePhotographer: Sara Cooper Photography, Florist: Debrah J Flowers

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